Education Projects

  1. Bethel School, South India

Nearly 150 students from ages 4 to 12 study in this English medium school. This school is in a town about 70 kilometers from the city of Coimbatore. The children come from various backgrounds of life. The school is quite different from other schools in India. About 30% of our students have their tuition and fees subsidized by Share In Asia (70% pay full fees). There are about 20 teachers and staff members that run the school, directed by Dr. Jeyakumari, a retired English professor. The school has received several awards at local and state level competitions for writing, drama, cultural programs, music and band. The students receive a superior education, along with fundamental teaching about being a strong citizen of India. The parents’ hope is that Bethel school becomes a high school (it currently covers kindergarten through 5th grade).

Share in Asia built this school starting in 2006. Over 90,000 dollars have been invested in the buildings and operations. Founder Dr. Jeyakumari purchased the land with her personal income and has a passion to see these students receive the highest education they can attain. Those who are not able to pay the student fees  (low income families who make less than $100 a month) are admitted on case–by- case basis. Our investment in this school has borne great fruit. Nearly 300 students have already graduated from this elementary school and are now doing well in their high school education.


  1. Milekal School, South India

Children had to cross the main highway to go to the government school. A few children were badly injured or killed and some of the parents vowed not to send their kids to school to avoid such horrible accidents.

Land was requested from the government in that area, and a new school was built. In 1986, 55 students and 2 teachers gathered in a small room to begin classes. At one time, there were more than 700 students with 25 teachers.

Over 4000 students have been educated in the previous 30-plus years. Several buildings were built during this time, and sponsors from all over the world supported this school. Currently, it is undergoing some changes due to government regulations. Because the school was never registered during the founding years, it is now necessary to remedy that complication. The government is requiring our mission to pay taxes for more than 25 years; we hope to raise the funds to pay the taxes owed. Proper papers were filed to transfer the land into the mission name. We are waiting for the verdict, which should come any time now. Still, the school is going on with fewer students. Once we receive the correct and updated paperwork, we will start admitting new students.

Milekal school

3. Sri Lanka School

Building the School

In 2015, construction began for a 3000 square foot building that will become the school and dormitory. On March 10 2017, the school opened with 30 children, and in 2018 it has become a home school for nearly 150 children.



SRI lanka group picture