Feeding the children

Mission of Share in Asia has engaged in several feeding programs for children. Children are left to wander the streets with the teenage brother or sister. In the city of Katmandu there are several slums that our mission visited and provided grocery bags and visited the slum huts of several families. The stories that are told are unfathomable.


The children in Nepal are the most vulnerable of the world. Most of them do not attend school. Some parents think it is a curse to have a girl baby in the family. When a girl is born, the parents think that she will be a burden upon them as they have to pay a dowry to get them married. While in this plight of their lives, sex traffickers and child predators are roaming the boarders of Nepal villages end up buying these children for a few hundred dollars reasoning with the parents to make their child movie star or promising to give them a great job. Innocent parents take the down payment not knowing that these predators are going away with their precious possession never to return. This is a common story in villages in Nepal.


Our goal is to start a school in Nepal soon. In the future we are planning to build a skill training school to help the natives to learn a skill in tailoring and welding.


Our budget is about $35,000 to start the schools. Please call us if you would like to be a part of the ground breaking investment into this country. Your return will be seeing lives of children and parents changed forever.