In 2018, there are still many lepers in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In the past, they were rejected and no one would interact or go near to them. They were forced into a life of begging for food and finding shelter wherever they might. In Coimbatore (in Southern India), there was a leper community established about 30 years ago. The City leaders were pressed for land to use, and generous donors from the U.K. gave the funds to build. Small houses were built, and more buildings were added. We now provide shelter and aid for about 75 lepers. The Indian government provides the medication, which if taken properly, stops the leprosy and prevents transmission. Some of the lepers in this community are married, and the spouses and children do not suffer from this deadly disease.

Share in Asia is dedicated to serving these people. Because they cannot work, they are completely dependent on support that we provide. We send groceries, income-producing farm products and animals, clothes, and various other provisions, as well as providing education for the children. The cost is approximately $50.00 per couple per month, and there are 32 families in the community. Your support of any amount, large or small, designated for them, reaches them with no overhead. Please click the donate button to make a donation for the lepers of India.

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