Medical Help



Doriaraj had a cancerous wound in his leg. The doctor recommended  amputating the foot because he did not have enough money for treatment. He approached one of our social workers and explained his situation. Immediately he was taken to a private hospital where they were able to save his leg and his wound has been completely cured.

Mathew Durairaj (2)


James died suddenly of a heart attack at only 43 years old. Share In Asia now provides medical care for his wife and children.



Sathiya Doss had a motorcycle accident in October 2017 and was taken to the hospital. He has been in coma ever since. Our humanitarian team was given his story and thanks to many donors who came forward to help this gentleman, he is now recovering in his home at this time and receiving medical care.

Sathiyadass 2

Over 20 individuals have been helped with their medical care.

We are so grateful to the donors who give towards these medical projects.

Your continual support helps us to provide medical services to the most vulnerable in the local communities.

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Your support will help us to offer medical help to the needy.