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Missions in War-Torn Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the egg-shaped island in the southeast of India. Over 21 million people live here, mostly Buddhists and Hindus.  The main language groups are Singhalam and Tamil.

In 2009, the civil war between the Tamil Tigers and the government came to an end after 30 years.  The Tamil population in these regions has been decimated. In one town near Jaffna, widows range in age from 17 to 40, numbering around 150,000.  Over 90% of the men who went away for the war never returned. The stories of atrocities are mind-boggling. The scene is very grim with children, mothers, and the elderly who have maimed arms, legs, and disfigured faces and bodies due to bomb explosions. Survival is difficult in the face of horrendous poverty.

Since 2010 the president and founder of Share in Asia has been visiting this nation to bring help and needed aid for the survivors of the war in the Northern region of Jaffna.

In 2014, our mission joined hands with planting a new local organization called Hope for Sri Lanka.

Building the School

In 2015, construction began for a 3000 square foot building that will become the school and dormitory. On March 10 2017, the school opened with 30 children, and in 2018 it has become a home school for nearly 150 children.

Tailoring School

Share in Asia also began a tailoring school nearby to help adult women in the community learn a skill so that they can start their own businesses as seamstresses.


Carpentry School

Soon we plant to add a carpentry school

You can sponsor a child for $25 per month.


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Urgent Needs in Sri Lanka