Urgent Needs

School Project

The war lasted for 27 years and ended a few years ago. When it ended, there were no schools left for the children to attend. On February 11, 2017 we opened a new school with 30 children. The extent of the devastation in this war-torn village was shocking. Grandparents, parents and children have all been battered by the years of war with many permanent injuries and disabilities as the result. By December 2017, enrollment reached 100 students and today about 150 students are enrolled in the school.  Due to using all available funds, facility, teachers, and staff, we reluctantly stopped enrollment.  We have some urgent needs that I would like to bring to your attention. Please read through and donate as you wish.

  1. Clean Water: There was a hand-dug well which gave out brown, contaminated water. The commercial filtering system purchased for this site broke after only 3 months due to heavy use. The local staff proposed to fix it, but the repair would cost nearly a $1000. We found good water, but it was 200 feet deep under the earth. We are thankful to donors who supported this project, but we still need to cover the motor, tanks, and piping expenses. (Share In Asia has invested $2,500; the remaining balance is $1,500) (NEED HAS BEEN MET)
  2. Classroom Furnishings: The classrooms were equipped for only 30 students. With 150 enrolled, we had to seat students on the floor to learn. We urgently need desks, boards, chairs, etc. (Amount needed: $30 per student)(NEED HAS BEEN MET)
  3. Compound Wall: Snakes, cows, elephant are all part of the inhabitants of our campus. The name of the village is called Yannaivelundan meaning “fallen by an elephant.” We urgently need a wall for the entire campus so that we can keep these creatures and animals out of the way of the children. (Share In Asia invested $4,500; remaining balance is $4,500) (NEED HAS BEEN MET)
  4. Computers and teaching equipment:  Share In Asia is looking to buy some basic technological equipment to help children and the staff. While our world keeps changing phones every 6 months, much of the world out there has never seen a screen. (Amount needed: $1,500) (Waiting for Funding. Please support)
  5. Bathrooms: There are only 3 bathrooms for 150 children and staff to use. More bathroom facilities are desperately needed. (Amount needed: $4,000) (Waiting for Funding. Please support)
  6. Security room: Once the compound wall is up, we need to put a security guard room in the front of the building. (Amount needed: $1,500) (NEED HAS BEEN MET)
  7. Auditorium: Currently the children gather in the hallway for their daily chapel and announcements. We desperately need an auditorium. (Amount needed: $5,000) (Waiting for Funding. Please support)