KGF widows

This program supports about 165 widows every month in 8 different centers. Uneducated and unemployed, these women come from families who are either very poor, or who do not want to support them. The support that Share In Asia gives them includes groceries for the month, rice, dhal and other necessities like soap and oil. It costs about $100 a prayer center per month to support 5 to 10 widows.

Currently there are 8 widows’ centers that we are sponsoring. We have supported nearly 800 widows by providing Christmas gifts, clothes, food, supplies and medical attention. This is a rewarding program and your support is crucial to these widows.

Each month they gather in one place and receive groceries and other health counsel from one of our staff members. When there is a special need that arises with one of them, special care is given to meet the need. This program is only for women at this time. In the future, we do plan to start supporting the widowers.

Namakkal Widows picture
Coonoor widows copy

Thank you again for your support to the widows center. It costs $100 to support one widows center which will provide support for 5 to 10 widows per month.